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10 Creative Ideas to Succeed with Social Media

With over 90% of businesses using one or more Social Media platforms, you will need to be creative in order to stand out from your competitors.

ID-100110587 - Kittisak

Share videos

Videos are great attention grabbers. Google also loves that kind of content so it will also help with your SEO.

Don’t stick to 09.00 to 17.00

Don’t limit your posts to the usual business hours. Some of your clients might not log in during those hours.

Run contests

Social Media users get hooked easily into short contest which come out of the blue.
For example tweeting something like: “Retweet this before 20.00 tonight to enter our draw to win a free meal for 2″.
This can be adapted to any platform and are easy to manage.

Change your profile picture occasionally

If you change your picture every so often, your followers will be intrigued and you may no longer blend into their feed. It’s ok to be creative with it.

Don’t be formal all the time

Post funny pictures, jokes. It will show your followers you have personality. What makes you smile or laugh will make others laugh and smile too!

Interact with your followers

Talk to your followers. It is after all, Social Media! It’ll make them feel valued and will convert them into customers much quicker.

Leverage related businesses

You can easily find new customers by creating great relationships with related businesses and tapping into their customer base.

Award loyal customers and followers

By awarding in some way loyal customers or supporters, it will incentivise others to do just the same.

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Use the word “FREE”

People love free things! No matter what it is! If you use the word “free”, the likelihood is that you post will be read and shared more often.

Keep your message short & precise

One of the reasons twitter is so popular is because everyone is forced to be short. apply the same rule to other platforms. No one will read long posts.

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6 thoughts on “10 Creative Ideas to Succeed with Social Media

  1. you’re right.
    social media is very important nowadays. more and more companies use social media to promote, especially among e-commerce.

  2. The tips you shared are really useful. I like the idea of having fun with tweets as it’s a great way to engage with an audience.

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